Achieve goals

Achieve goals

Charles Péguy, a French philosopher once said:

“Everything is decided before you are 12 years old”.

But that has not been entirely proven.

To want is to have the desire, willingness or intention to do something says the dictionary. We slip through the alphabet and get to letter “k” and look for the meaning of “knowing”: to have the knowledge, skills, information to do something.

At this point, I ask: ¿What determines achieving the objectives set out? From my point of view it depends more on the knowledge than on the will. Knowledge helps us understand how the world turns around. Knowledge allows us to classify our own reactions, to know ourselves. If you don’t have this knowledge, the hole is filled with beliefs, that we take as true without even assuring them. Do we want to believe them? Or as we don’t know them, we consider them subjectively true?

Beliefs that limit you

All these beliefs have a determining role, especially because they are limiting. We have grown up with them and we have believed them to be true, either due to the media or due to our own cultural environment.

One thing is to believe in Europe as we believe in cheese or in novels, part of the European essence, but do we really want to retain unanswered beliefs, beliefs that often appear between interrogations? Or would we want to know the alternatives and be able to choose?

Choose another beautiful word, with the “h” from hope. With the “C” in choice also. Action to choose. We should always be able to choose and to know, and understand, all the available alternatives at our reach.

The bottom line of the question is that everything can be moved with great passion, great love and total commitment.


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