Do workers earn more than bosses?

Do workers earn more than bosses?

Thinking that workers earn more than their heads escapes from any classification. If you ask yourself the question “Do workers earn more than their bosses?” In any forum, at first the answer will be “No”.

The worker is the one who performs the job commissioned, the one that is pulling the cart, suffering inclemency’s of all kinds, he’s the person living up to the problems that arise every day for a tiny salary compared to their bosses.

Bosses are valued differently and perceive higher emoluments by having a series of attributes (company commitment, courage, empowerment, compressive strength, charisma, communication skills …) That is, at least, what happens in most companies. But what happens in the world of sports?

A team’s coach (head) tries to communicate to his players his own hopes and dreams from his athlete soul. “Taking risks, without the guide from a compass through the ocean of doubt is doom for a young brain,” said Nietzsche.

“Arriesgarse, sin guía ni compás, por el océano de las dudas es la perdición para un cerebro joven”.

And yet, the athlete / worker usually earns more than his boss. Although we remember Beethoven: art can not be disgraced when treating scandalous issues. It’s a delicate matter.

It’s difficult to be a boss

A teams coach (head) is a orchestra conductor. And although the orchestra is excellent, the director should not only direct. He has to prepare all the details, their arrangement and harmonious proportion within the set. The conductor has to know how to fight against the bad habits that are often introduced in the orchestra, against mechanization that fatally leads to routine. To avoid this, he has to maintain the vitality of the artistic feeling in his musicians so that their music talks.

I happens exactly the same in the world of sport. Technique serves a higher purpose. The manager / coach (head) should begin by being strict with himself, asking himself if he can make his ideas and feelings comprehensible. You can’t demand everything from the rest.

The idea that you should not lose out of sight is establishing communication. Toscanini, considered as the greatest orchestra conductor of his time said that the orchestra has a tendency to declare as easy a piece that is well known, and therefore not putting all the necessary care in it’s execution. Again, the coincidence with what happens in the world of sports is huge.

However, sport does not operate as businesses. Which coach (head) gets better paid than his players? So if a coach (head) is paid less, you will agree with me that there’s something that’s not right.

Years ago, Pau Casals was asked: “When one day your directing and the next you’re playing the cello under the direction of another person, how do you manage in 24 hours to change your role from general to simple soldier? Pau Casals answered, “I’m always a general”. The big difference here is that the coach (leader) never changes his role.

Definitely, when the soldier earns more than the general, something is wrong.


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