He didn’t know that it was impossible and that’s exactly why he did

He didn’t know that it was impossible and that’s exactly why he did

“He didn’t know that it was impossible and that’s exactly why he did”.

JEAN COCTEAU (French director)

Always and everywhere you have to take risks. Life is a promise of adventures, never impossible. Between the impossible and the extraordinary, the margin is imperceptible.

Things are never fruit of chance.

We must be protagonists of our own history. Everyone I’ve met in my life and that has succeeded is sensitive to love, enthusiasm and intuition.

A person full of vitality, potential, transmits internal vibrations, ambition and dynamism. Playing sports is fun, exciting, but it’s convenient to break resignation. What is essential is to never lose enthusiasm, not to be outdone by the resistance to change, which has a wonderful force of inertia. We live in a society where speed plays a key role. We must act very quickly when trying to progress.

Sport reveals the love for competition, to excel, more, always more. Sport allows us to acquire the competitive spirit, we learn what solidarity is, flexibility, adaptation. Sport helps us to get rid of a boring life. We understand the need to go farther and farther, climb higher and higher. When one is accustomed to winning we want victory to be our traveling companion. We militate in sports, to which we fully commit ourselves.

Coaching and sport

Without real passion, nothing can be done. Sport is not an exact science and the probabilities of success or failure are very difficult to predict in the short term. In the long run, if we put at our disposal vast resources, chance is diluted by time and success can`t miss it’s appointment. There is a need to count with contrasted professional services. That’s where coaching plays a role: it helps in achieving harmony around you, to feel comfortable in your own skin, to find happiness.

We have the right to fail. It’s what allows lucid people to reconsider the situation, collect fresh courage and move forward. Formation of a society is marked by the development of values that must be respected. I blindly believe in values and I am convinced that our minds can only comfortably navigate between the stars when our feet touch foot on the floor.

We will gradually acquire a background that will give us security and we will remember a quote from Irish writer Oscar Wilde:

“Experience is a candle light that only illuminates the path of the wearer.”

We can’t fear the future if we have strong roots within ourselves. The only one’s concerned about the future are those who have lost the points of reference: family, friends, affection and solidarity. We can’t center social and emotional legitimacy on success because the day it leaves us, we are left with nothing.


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