He whose face doesn’t reflect the light will never be a star

He whose face doesn’t reflect the light will never be a star

“He whose face does not reflect the light will never be a star”

WILLIAM BLAKE  (poeta inglés)

We have to know ourselves well.

It’s good to know ourselves. We have to analyze ourselves, be aware of our own strengths and weaknesses. Our weaknesses are just the reverse of our strong points.

Human intelligence uses only 15 percent of its real potential. Life doesn’t get really exciting until it gives us the possibility of exploiting all facets of our sensibility and our creative mind.

Think for a moment in what we really believe, and what drives us. We have always been interested in learning , to go further. We woke up to life with a tremendous desire to live, learn and take risks. Life is a duty to comply with in the utmost seriousness.

This is not to dominate others but to master ourselves and to excel in our place in the world. Inequalities exist from the point of view of the economy, power and intelligence, but disappear with love and happiness. What matters is being happy. And happiness is trying to do well what we do, performing to the best of our abilities.


Sad are the people who feel the need to have heroes


He didn't know that it was impossible and that's exactly why he did