Sad are the people who feel the need to have heroes

Sad are the people who feel the need to have heroes

“Sad are the people who feel the need to have heroes”

BERTOLT BRECHT (German dramatist)


The spectacle society is not a myth.

Athletes are trustees of posterity. They give the best of themselves. They are willing to suffer to win. They undertake the sacrifices that they are required. Fans fully identify themselves with these athletes, they have chosen them and feed on their successes.

I understand Brecht’s words, but people need symbols, images. Myths can also be healthy. Athletes enthuse masses. People don’t want simple reality administrators; they want to feel the vibration.

Saving obstacles

Obstacles may represent victories to athletes who are eager to live, to win, to develop. Every time more and more people are determined to get passed the obstacle, to get to their purpose.

Personally I prefer the words of playwright Samuel Beckett when he said:

“There is no return match between man and his destiny”.

A phrase that reminds me, like coaching, about the importance of speaking loud and clearly, and always telling the truth, the need to know out of what material folk heroes are made from and also that of those who are not.

Dreaming, taking risks, having fun, keywords. Risk is the ultimate engine of innovation.

An hour of boredom equals one year of life lost.

The reward is not just about money, but in pleasure, play, freedom, mobility, and the faculty to create.

Those who are active today, tomorrow will win.




He whose face doesn't reflect the light will never be a star