Tripping in sport

Tripping in sport

Intelligence without common sense is nothing.

We have been many times to a sports stadium to watch a game. We can smell competitiveness in sport, the commitment to win. Sport is about winning or losing. A single player. A single team. Unique players and teams.

Place your bets. Spectators clap or shout, or if overexcited the even make insults. ¿The one’s affected? : the players themselves, who can see their glory or exile in the question of months, days, hours or according to their contribution to the game.

We can observe the outburst of fury from the player who hears those roars from the audience. We are in a jungle.

Even if the next day we ask that player if he’s still upset, he’ll probably will say “no”, it’s already forgotten. That player doesn’t feel anger, his thoughts are already for the next commitment, and may even smile thinking about what had happened the previous day. In sport everything changes every half hour.

The ability to handle pressure

This ability to handle pressure, to keep your nerves under control, not looking back, positive every day, is something innate in very few, it has to be worked on, it’s an artisan work of hardening. And, as the avant-garde filmmaker Jean Luc Godard says:

“It’s not about where you get things, It’s about where you take them”.

À bout de souffle. At the end of the trip. In life and in sport, always escape forward.

With you will discover ideas, tips, tricks, procedures, the log book to sail in calm waters and be able to have under control one’s one management, cultivating motivation to keep on playing, regardless of other’s hardships. It’s about having an excellent personal knowledge to have our own game.

Do not forget that sport makes history, culture and happiness.


We invest in gold, is there always profit?