We invest in gold, is there always profit?

We invest in gold, is there always profit?

Intelligence tends to treason from the moment it dreams of reigning.

Economics tell us that commodities like gold and silver are a good refuge from possible deficiencies or lack of credibility in our own system. People buy gold and silver and then sell for profit. And then once again. Another manifestation of the consumer society.

Everyone is looking for it’s own business and profitability. However, this way of accommodating people’s life aspirations can’t be transferred to future sport promises. They are youngsters called to impress, from the best sporting cradles, that never stop giving birth to happiness. Diamond to be polished. Gold mines for which many want to bet on and have them in their own clubs.

Do not forget that the gold buyer wants a return, and of course, a much higher return than the investment. The same applies to the most promising sport youngsters. Clubs are in a raffle and the highest bidder gets the “trophy”. But unlike what happens with gold, a precious mineral, our young sport talent has feelings.

The dreams of young boys

Ajax has been the longtime home of the world’s best football, as it is now FC Barcelona’s “La Masia”. Being part of Ajax is the dream of every boy in Amsterdam. It is an honor. A feeling that has to do with the city, with beautiful football, technically refined and played at high speed by athletic players.

Ajax’s philosophy endures over time. It’s about discovering players who not only know how to run or have physical strength but also have what the Germans call “kamfgeist” ,that is, fighting spirit.

We live in a permissive society, but in Ajax not everything is permitted. We must live by the rules. Ajax requires discipline. Each team has a coach, a mentor, a physical education teacher and aerobic teacher, an athletic trainer and a personal technical trainer. In addition, Ajax has 8 psychologists and school teachers. If your marks aren’t good, more study hours and less football.

At Ajax, nobody gets left out and everyone is someone.

The value of education

We must educate children so they are not vulnerable to predators, to the “vultures” who fly to be by their side, to appear in the picture, to get a medal. ¿Do you think the smaller one’s are educated so they can assimilate the false news and dirty strategies in all places?

Let’s not forget that we are speaking about children that stopped playing in the school yard and in their neighborhood park with friends at a very early stage, and had to mature much earlier. I repeat: “All those who have the responsibility to do so, do they mark the boundaries so that everyone knows how to live with them?

In the sports world, two plus two equals unknown. Sport can’t afford to lose sense of humor, poetry and pleasure, but even less to be broken toy factory.


We must live and die


Tripping in sport