We must live and die

We must live and die

We have not been put here just to live.

 If we don’t have joy, we don’t have anything. Dalí was like the Empordà, hilarious. He liked to tell stories of a mayor of Figueres called Carmona. He explained that the Mayor ordered reforms for the cemetery and told the builder: “I would like to have a niche here, with my back to the Tramuntana”. When the builder was finalizing the details with the mayor, he told him: “I’ve thought a lot. What if I don’t die? “.

Dali’s anecdotes are amusing, but the reality is that eventually we will all die. Sense of humor helps us survive, it also helps those who are committed to work. Each heart is a minute that lasts as long as life and we cannot distract ourselves. The heart is the tic tac, our cosmic clock. Life can be short or long, but lasts a lifetime, here’s the deal.

All reality is imminent: love, death. Everything is still to be done. Only death is already made. Therefore, anything or circumstance is located exactly at the entrance, just a span of time, both love and the end. Time always end’s with the beginning and starts at the end: just the opposite of what was taught to us.

Categorizing, memorizing and learning

Never mind. Accumulating years means learning to live with doubts and gaining through experience a philosophy and ethics of our own. The important thing is to want to understand. We ignore what we don’t know. The world is not made as in our perception of objects, we have to create them through our categorizations. Categorizing, memorizing and learning are the primary functions of our cerebral universe.

True knowledge is not what we have learnt well but what we have thought about well. Accept life as it is. We have to live. Value life. Above all, we value life although sometimes it can be unfair. What we have to do is to give a meaning to our lives. Do whatever makes us feel alive. Today could be a great day and tomorrow may be too late.

Life is nothing else than burning. What we have to do is extend the fuel as long as we can. I want positive things to happen. As a coach, I want the sun to rise on the athletes competition. That he is happy.

Looking at the past with eyes from the future. Writer Carlos Fuentes entertained himself with a daily walk in a London cemetery browsing all the tombstones. Another writer Juan Marse, says that death is a sheet of paper. Poet Antonio Gamoneda, 2007 Cervantes Prize, says that his disagreement in front of death has been charged with agreement. A Gore Vidal, American writer, was asked what he thought of death and said: “I like the silence.” Theater director Salvador Tavora, who was right wing in the world of football, believes that death is always a show, even without happening. In the stillness of death there are mysteries which can only be reached by the means of art. One day, the body of the athlete will be in a common grave, this is, in the soul of thay who felt his way to interpret the sport.

Let us live with joy. Before you get our moment, let’s build life. No one is indispensable, except the people you love. Live with the satisfaction of never having caved in to anything or anyone, or to habits, customs, policies and regimes. Let’s live and make our dreams come true. Dr. Caralps, a vocational cardiac surgeon, explains that it’s not the same living than having a life. It’s like being somewhere and being someone. There are comatose patients that are nothing at all.

It will be a good idea making a pause in our pursuit of happiness and simply be happy. Enjoy life and do not forget to laugh about those funny epitaphs. An inconsolable widow wrote on her husband’s tomb:

“May God receive him with the same joy with which I send him away.”

Personally, the best one for me is that one the genius of Groucho Marx:

“Forgive me if I don’t get up.”


We invest in gold, is there always profit?